Historic Chapter 120 by Section

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Chapter Law Reference
for the Administrative Procedure Act, 1974-Present
Section Number Title
120.50 Exception to application of chapter.
120.51 Short title.
120.515 Declaration of policy.
120.52 Definitions.
120.525 Meetings, hearings, and workshops.
120.53 Maintenance of orders; indexing; listing; organizational information.
120.532 obsolete section
120.533 Coordination of indexing by Department of State.
120.535 obsolete section
120.536 Rulemaking authority; repeal; challenge.
120.54 Rulemaking.
120.541 Statement of estimated regulatory costs.
120.542 Variances and waivers.
120.543 obsolete section
120.545 Committee review of agency rules.
120.55 Publication.
120.551 obsolete section
120.555 Summary removal of published rules no longer in force and effect.
120.56 Challenges to rules.
120.565 Declaratory statement by agencies.
120.569 Decisions which affect substantial interests.
120.57 Additional procedures for particular cases.
120.573 Mediation of disputes.
120.574 Summary hearing.
120.575 obsolete section
120.578 obsolete section
120.58 obsolete section
120.59 obsolete section
120.595 Attorney's fees.
120.60 Licensing.
120.61 obsolete section
120.62 Agency investigations.
120.63 Exemption from act.
120.633 obsolete section
120.65 Administrative law judges.
120.651 Designation of two administrative law judges to preside over actions involving department or boards.
120.655 Withholding funds to pay for administrative law judge services to school boards.
120.66 Ex parte communications.
120.665 Disqualification of agency personnel.
120.68 Judicial review.
120.69 Enforcement of agency action.
120.695 Notice of noncompliance.
120.70 obsolete section
120.71 obsolete section
120.72 Legislative intent; references to chapter 120 or portions thereof.
120.721 obsolete section
120.722 obsolete section
120.73 Circuit court proceedings; declaratory judgments.
120.74 Agency review, revision, and report.
120.745 Legislative review of agency rules in effect on or before November 16, 2010.
120.7455 Legislative survey of regulatory impacts.
120.80 Exceptions and special requirements; agencies.
120.81 Exceptions and special requirements; general areas.
120.82 Keep Our Graduates Working Act.
*Chapter Laws have been edited to contain only information related to Chapter 120, the Administrative Procedure Act.